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Don't panic. Wordright editorial services will help. We do websites. We write. We re-write. We edit. We polish. We tweak. We suggest the best. You write it. We get it right.

The final check

Wordright can proofread any final copy that you consider almost ready for publication. We will scrutinise your document for any lingering errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, page layout and formatting.

Why proofread?

By the time a draft is considered final, most writers have read it over and over many times. In so doing, a writer becomes "blind" to existing errors, and tends to miss them no matter how many more times he or she checks the draft.

Wordright can provide a fresh set of critical eyes to pick out mistakes that might otherwise remain hidden from a writer. We get it right.


Nobody can guarantee perfection, of course. Beware of any service that makes this claim. Indeed, the form and correctness of any final copy ultimately rests with the writer of a document. You are the person that must sign off on a final draft before publication. Wordright, however, brings years of proofreading and editing experience to bear. We promise to bring your work as close to perfection as is humanly possible.


Additional information: Don't panic. Ask Wordright to help.