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Personal Documents

Don't panic. Wordright editorial services will help. We do websites. We write. We re-write. We edit. We polish. We tweak. We suggest the best. You write it. We get it right.

New or existing

Wordright will help you create new personal documentation or polish up existing documentation so that it is error-free, and best reflects your personal standards.

How we can help

Personal documentation can be created from existing materials, or we can interview you to determine what is required.

Documents we can write and edit for you

Wordright can help with ALL of your personal documentation, including:

Academic Papers

Wordright Editorial will NOT write academic papers under any circumstances. It is up to you to do the research, construct your arguments, and answer any questions that you have been posed by your tutors. We do, however, offer structural editing, line editing, and proofreading for academic work, including the following items:

Don't worry. Using Wordright to edit your work and make it clearer for the marker to read isn't considered cheating. Indeed, some tutors may suggest to students that they consider using Wordright's services for all of their important academic work. Wordright will edit your work so that it is clear, concise and falls within specified word-limits.


Additional information: Don't panic. Ask Wordright to help.